No need to own a boat. No need to lease a boat – unless you are leasing with GiveReceive.Online LLC.

The Boat Leasing Earned-Credit program™ offers you the opportunity to:

  1. Apply your monthly boat lease payment towards building Earned-Credit™
  2. Subscribe for only $20/week to cover all the Qualified Expenses including the costs of fuel, boat insurance, extended warranty, maintenance, plus other exciting benefits!
  • Earned-Credit™ gives you the opportunity to lease a boat but with the benefit of your monthly boat leasing payment going towards an “earned-credit account”
  • For every $1 you make towards your monthly boat leasing payment, $1 will go towards Earned-Credit™

Example of Earned-Credit™ :

  • If you are leasing a boat that is worth $20,000 and you are making a monthly boat leasing payment of $270/month, then each monthly payment of $270 will go towards your Earned-Credit™ account until it reaches $20,000
  • Once your Earned-Credit™ account reaches $20,000, you will no longer have to make a monthly boat leasing payment as long as the fundraising account covers all Qualified Expenses
  • You will just need to continue the $20/weekly subscription fee to fundraise and cover all the Qualified Expenses including future monthly boat leasing payments
  • Qualification: Determine the maximum boat value you can afford by calculating your qualification below (Maximum Boat Value  Qualification)
  • Subscribe: Participate in the program for only $20/week
    • The account will fundraise – crowdfund to cover the Qualified Expenses listed below
  • Fundraising – Crowdfunding Spending Account™:
    • The Qualified Expenses are controlled and managed by GiveReceive.Online LLC
    • Decision of what expenses will be needed is determined by GiveReceive.Online LLC
  • Boat Selection: You will search and select the boat you wish to lease
  • 2 Payments: There are 2 payments that will be made with this program:
    1. Weekly Subscription Fee – to crowdfund and receive the benefits of covering the Qualified Expenses (listed below)
    2. Monthly Boat Leasing Payments – to build up your Equity-Credit™ account until the total boat value has been reached
  • Determine what monthly boat leasing payment you are comfortable with based on your income
  • The guideline for the maximum boat value is calculated as follows:
 Monthly Boat leasing payment X 120 months

Suppose you are comfortable with a $400 monthly payment. Your Maximum Boat Value Qualification is:

$400 X 120 months = $48,000

(Managed by GiveReceive.Online LLC)

NOTE: All expenses below must be fundraised to cover the costs over the term of the lease.

  • Cost of Leasing
    • Lease Payments (even if you are making the payments, the total payments for the term of the lease must be fundraised first)
    • GiveReceive.Online LLC will set-up automatic payments on your behalf to avoid any late payments
    • Upfront fees for the lease (security deposit, deposit, etc.)
    • Licensing, registration
  • Insurance – full coverage (include deductibles, etc.) (impound total premiums for the term of the lease)
  • Fuel
  • GPS monitor (for your safety and security controlled by you)
  • Extended warranty (up to the term of the lease)
  • Maintenance (tune ups, oil and all fluid checkup and changes, etc.)
  • Repairs (windshield repair/replacement, dents, etc.)
  • Car wash and detailing
  • Additional / Miscellaneous expenses (back-end lease expenses, etc. – may need prior approval depending on the expense)

For your 1st lease-agreement with GiveReceive.Online LLC, look for a new vehicle that you will be able to afford the monthly payment

  • Lease agreements can be from 2 years to 5 years
  • To establish Earned-Credit™, you must pay the monthly payments of the lease
  • For every $1.00 paid towards the lease payment, you will receive $1.00 Earned-Credit™

Note: If you need a car and cannot afford the payments, but can afford the monthly funding and service fees, Contact Us by clicking here.

  • Drive safely
  • Take care of your vehicle – funding is offered to cover many of the expenses for the upkeep
  • Make your monthly lease payments
  • Make your weekly subscription payments

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  • Weekly: $20.00  (Yearly Total = $1,040.00)
  • Monthly: $86.67 (Yearly Total = $1,040.00)
  • Yearly: $1,040.00
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Cancel / Unsubscribe anytime
  • 100% refund on subscriptions paid (less any funding distributions)
Subscribing agrees to the following:

Boat Leasing Earned-Credit Program™

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