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America's Top 4 Financial Challenges

  1. 44% of Americans Don’t Have Enough Cash To Cover a $400 Emergency
  2. 43% of Student Loan Borrowers Are Not Making Payments
  3. 38% of U.S. Households Have Credit Card Debt
  4. 33% of American Adults Have $0 Saved For Retirement.

Source: Forbes

Below are the above challenges in its categories and more.

Health Insurance


The cost of health care has increased and is becoming more unaffordable.

In 2017, healthcare cost were $3.5 trillion – about 18% of GDP. In comparison, health care cost $27.2 billion in 1960 – about 5% of GDP.

The following data reflects the cost of health insurance based on the 2018 Open Enrollment Period:

Family: Premium, $1,168/month. Deductible, $8,803.

Individuals: Premium, $440/month. Deductible, $4,578.

Sources: The BalanceeHealth.


The Insurances Fundraising Program allows you to pay for insurance premiums, deductibles, co-pays, and pre-existing conditions not covered by insurance.

Cost Of Living


Compare your cost to the average U.S. cost of the following monthly expenses:

Grocery: $618

Cable Bill: $99

Child Care: $402-$1,422

Entertainment: $227

Average New Car Loan Payment: $483

Source: Better Money Habits®


The Lifetime Spending Fundraising Program allows you to pay off unsecured consumer debt.

The Auto Leasing Earned-Credit Program™ provides the benefits of your monthly payment go towards an “earned-credit” account to pay less for your future vehicles.

Consumer Loans High Debt Balances


$1 TRILLION: The estimated amount Americans are drowning in credit card debt.

$59,700: The estimated average personal debt per U.S. citizen.



The Lifetime Spending Fundraising Program allows you to pay off unsecured consumer debt with no payback.

Student Loan High Debt Balances


$1.53 TRILLION: Estimated current U.S. student loan debt.

44.7 MILLION ADULTS: Estimated number of adults with student loan debts. About 1 in 4 American adults.

$393/MONTH: Average estimated student loan payment.

19.7 YEARS: The average number of years it takes a four-year degree holder to pay off their loans.

In addition, if you borrowed money to attend college, you most likely won’t feel any impact from the Federal Reserve’s interest rate cuts.

Source: NitroBankrate.


The Lifetime Spending Fundraising Program allows you to pay off student loans with no payback.

Housing Costs


78%: New and existing home sales were affordable at its peak in 2012.

56%: Home sales were affordable as of 3rd quarter 2018.

$1,483: Average total monthly cost for housing, including property taxes if applicable.

$1,350: Median national rent in 2015.

Source: ForbesBetter Money Habits.




33%: Is the estimated number of college graduates who are under-employed – workers placed in jobs below their qualifications.

Source: NPR.


Job Loss - Technology Taking Over


1 in 3: American shopping malls will close due to online shopping such as

1 in 3: Jobs will be done by smart machines by 2025 – retail through medical.




46%: Adults not yet retired don’t expect to have enough money to live comfortably when they do retire.

35%: Of all households had no money saved in any type of retirement account.

$1,100: Was the median household retirement savings.

Source: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.



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