• Give by subscribing only $20.00/week per program
  • Each $20.00 you give as a weekly subscription goes toward fundraising – crowdfunding to help others to spend


  • Others will fundraise – crowdfund for you
  • For every $20/week per program subscribed to, you will given the opportunity to receive $1,000s in return to spend

Share with family, friends, co-workers, your social media, business partners, and others who would like to:

  1. Give a little and Receive a lot.™
  2. Share with others to fundraise – crowdfund and have the opportunity to spend for a lifetime without interruption.™
  3. Follow these 3 simple steps.

As the fundraising – crowdfunding account accumulates money, spend the amounts toward the Qualified Expenses from the program(s) below.

How Funding Works


We are focused on how to fund at the fastest pace possible so that you can spend for a lifetime as soon as possible.

We have engineered the Compound Exponential Growth Engine™ to apply the 2 most powerful financial tools that is both exclusive and trademarked with GiveReceive.Online LLC:

  1. Compounding
  2. Exponential Growth

There a 4 major components to learn:

  1. Stage
  2. Period
  3. Exponential Growth
  4. Bonus: Rollovers

There are 2 Stages:

#1: Compounding Stages:

  • Makes up the first 19 periods of the engine
  • As subscriptions and revenues are generated, they are distributed among accounts to fill the periods in order for the account to reach the Spending Stage: Period 20

#2: Spending Stage

  • Is Period 20 of the stages
  • Each $20 weekly subscription has the opportunity to fund up to $5,242.88
  • Once your account reaches Period 20 and achieves the funding amount of $5, 242.88, you have the opportunity to review the Qualified Expenses in the program to see the many options on what to spend (each program varies in guidelines).

  • The Exponential Compound Growth Engine™ is comprised of 20 periods
  • Each period is independent of each other
  • You begin with Period 1 that starts with $0.01
  • The 2nd period and thereafter represents the funding amount that period can compound based on exponential growth – in other words, double the amount from the previous period
  • A period is not restricted by time (i.e. days, weeks, months, years)
  • A period is restricted by the amount of time it takes to fund each period from the subscriptions and other revenues received

Accordion Content

If your weekly subscription are paid on time without interruption week-to-week, you will receive a bonus of having your funds from Period 1 through 19 “rollover” and compound exponentially to generate more money for you.

When the amounts from the periods accumulate $20.00 at any time, it will be submitted into the Compound Exponential Growth Engine™ as a rollover to continually fund by compounding and growing your account exponentially

  • For example, when Periods 10 and 11 have both crowdfunded and reached its maximum amounts from exponential growth, we will extract $20.00 from the periods (Period 10: $5.12 and Period 11: $9.88) to rollover to begin another crowdfund that will have the opportunity to generate up to $5,242.88 for spending towards your Qualified Expenses of your program
  • This bonus can produce $1,000s more for your account to spend more by simply making your $20.00 weekly subscription payments without interruption

Who Owns The Funds

  • The subscribed funds and all revenues are the property of GiveReceive.Online LLC
  • The disbursement of funds goes toward the Qualified Expenses selected by you – the Subscriber
  • GiveReceive.Online LLC has the right to decline disbursement and suspend and/or cancel any subscription with or without cause


Our purpose is to promote raising and supporting family values and serving others through the power of this program.

This platform is a supplementary-type income to support your hard earned job and income. You will have the opportunity to save more of your money and spend ours™.

To support our purpose, you must be doing at least one, or a combination, of the following below and be productive at least 40 hours a week with the goal of supporting others:

  1. Work (Optional after age 60+)
  2. Raising a family
    1. 40 hours: children 2 and under
    2. 20 hours: children 3 to 17
  3. Volunteering
  4. Continued Education/Training

You are exempt if you have a legitimate medical disability and cannot participate in any of the above. Also there may be temporary exceptions due to the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic and catastrophic events.

You must be 18 years old or older.

You must agree to the following: