Low-To-Moderate Income Qualification

Contact us by filling out the form and let us know more about the funding you need to live a respectable standard of living due to not having enough income.

Participating in many of the programs that are available, such as the “Basics of Life Program™, Housing, and Transportation should be helpful, but if it is still not affordable, please let us know.

There is no additional charge for this service, but you must participate in at least the “Basics of Life Program™”.

Low income is based on the findings of HUD. Click here to begin.

Here are the steps to take to determine your status:

Step 1:

Select your state (we will be using Illinois for our example).

Step 2:

Select the county/parish you live in (we will be using Chicago for our example).

Step 3:

Click the “View County Calculations” button.

Step 4:

This section identifies what is the income limit area HUD selected to determine the Median Family Income.

Step 5:

This section tells you what is the Median Family Income.

Step 6:

This section tells you what each category is defined by HUD based on the Median Family Income in Step 5.

Step 7:

In this section, determine how many persons live in your household.

Step 8:

In this section, after you determined how many persons live in your household, follow the incomes below to determine if you fall in any of the categories based on the total income in the household.

For this example, if you have 4 persons living in your home, and your total income for the household totals fall into any of the 3 categories, you will qualify for additional financial support when you crowdfund with us.