There are certain goods, services, and entities that may not qualify for some of the following reasons:

  • Does not follow the goals, mission, or vision of GiveReceive.Online LLC
  • Asset-producing that could be used for speculation and/or disrupt market conditions
  • Risk
  • Liability
  • Litigation
  • Other

The following goods, services, and entities do not qualify for all categories – Individuals, Businesses, Organizations:

  • Any financial-type instruments (ex. stocks, bonds, IRAs, 401k, mutual funds, options, derivatives, bit coins, etc.)
  • Gold and other precious metals
  • Diamonds, precious stones and gems
  • Rings, Jewelry, Costume jewelry, etc. over $25.00
  • Watches over $25.00 (except Smart watches approved by GiveReceive.Online LLC)
  • Gift, presents
  • Gift cards, credit cards, debit card purchases (except from GiveReceive.Online LLC)
  • Insurance investment-related products
  • Gambling, casinos
  • Beer, liquor, alcohol
  • Cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes, and other tobacco products
  • Lotteries
  • Donations
  • Real Estate (except for properties acquired by GiveReceive.Online LLC)
  • Buildings (except for properties acquired by GiveReceive.Online LLC)
  • Mortgage or rent/lease payments (must be approved for properties acquired by GiveReceive.Online LLC)
  • Land, leaseholds (except for properties acquired by GiveReceive.Online LLC)
  • Auto and other vehicles or vehicle loan payments (except approved through GiveReceive.Online LLC)
  • Any item/service that can be considered of value that can be used for speculation
  • Collector items (ex. paintings, antiques, fine arts and visual arts, vehicles, guns, sports cards, etc.)
  • Fire arms, guns, knives, and other dangerous weapons (police, military, and security patrol excluded)
  • Hunting
  • Terrorists and/or criminal organizations and its members identified by all levels of government in the United States of America
  • Individuals, businesses, organizations who support terrorists and/or criminal organizations identified by levels of government in the United States of America
  • Bail (except approved through GiveReceive.Online LLC)
  • Traffic violations (speeding ticket, accidents, parking, etc.) (except approved through GiveReceive.Online LLC)
  • Abortion, abortion clinics, individuals/entities that offer abortion services
  • Illegal drugs and medication
  • Recreational marijuana
  • Cosmetic surgery (unless due to accidents or certain circumstances)
  • Hoarding
  • Automobiles, motorcycles, boats, recreational vehicles (RV) and other vehicles (except approved through GiveReceive.Online LLC)
  • Pornography, prostitution, child slavery, human trafficking, abductions, etc.
  • Other goods and services may be subject to being non-qualifying


  • GiveReceive.Online LLC has the right of refusal to fund any goods, services, and entities that may be identified as a non-qualifying item at its discretion
  • Any funds used for the purpose of the items described in this section must be returned within 30 days and can:
    • Delay continuation of the program until reimbursement is satisfied
    • Result in the suspension or dismissal from the company
  • Any fraudulent, misuse, abuse, and/or theft of any of the programs can result in the suspension or dismissal from participation in the program
  • All goods and services are not to be resold unless authorized by GiveReceive.Online LLC
  • Any goods or services that have not reached its economic life may need to be returned unless certain conditions occur such as:
    • stolen
    • damaged due to a catastrophe (ex. hurricane, tornadoes, etc.)


  • It is true that loopholes may be found in any guideline, it is the expectation of GiveReceive.Online LLC participants will use good judgment in complying with the guidelines
  • The finding of a loophole and the exploitation of that loophole to avoid compliance within the spirit of the guideline will not be considered valid; rather, such incidents will be treated as violations of the guideline
  • To avoid any misunderstanding, use the following rule: If you are not sure that it is allowed, please contact GiveReceive.Online LLC for clarification