When reaching the age of 60+, it’s time to really enjoy the quality of life you deserve. Today, many retirees cannot rely on social security or a reliable retirement plan or income that will sustain a quality of life that one should enjoy at this stage in life. Many of our retirees must work just to keep living day-by-day. Our goal is to change this to make it your golden years of enjoyment living!

Contact us by filling out the form and let us know more about the funding you need to live a respectable standard of living due to not having sufficient income.

Participating in many of the programs that are available, such as the “Basics of Life Program™, Housing, and Transportation should be helpful, but if it is still not affordable,please let us know.

There is no additional charge for this service, but you must participate in at least the “Basics of Life Program™” and would also recommend the “$1,000 Monthly Spending Program™.”

The goal for our 60+ retirees is to:

  • Be debt and deficit free
  • Enjoy a better financial and economic quality of life
  • Have the necessary medical care without worries about how to pay for it
  • Vacation, travel, RV road trips, cruises
  • Spend time with family, grand and great grandchildren
  • Exercising
  • Attend concerts, theaters, operas, etc.
  • Volunteer
  • Support community events
  • Support your faith

Note: The income may be taxable. Please consult a professional tax/legal adviser on how this program could affect your tax and financial status including social security benefits and retirement plan.

Approval may be needed depending on the event, activity, or asset.